Kind Words

  • The Impact of a Story or Song



    In case we ever lose sight of the incredible effect that a story or song can have on us, a little story from Jeff… Recently I was invited to share with a local youth group. After some warm wonderful greetings we gathered around the piano in the sanctuary and I shared a few songs. As soon […]

  • “Fish-Eyes” now featured in Swiss German


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    A few years ago, I , along with Lee Eshleman met an actor from Zurich, Switzerland at a conference in Sandy Cove Retreat center. It was the annual Christians in Theater Arts conference. His name was Beat Muller,  and he too was a writer and theater artist with his own company.  In 2011 Beat completed […]

  • Workshop with Ted


    Ted did a weekend of workshops with the Mariner’s Bethel United Methodist Church. Here are some responses. Ted’s talented and thought-provoking monologues drove me back to the Word to research where all of his added character enlargements originated…he is truly a gifted man of God, and extremely familiar with both his material and his abilities. […]

  • Dovetale


    Let me know the next time you’ll be in town so I can bring 17 or so of my best friends! Christmas isn’t Christmas without DoveTale. ~Mary Jo Heckman, Harrisonburg, VA

  • What Would Lloyd Do?


    A powerful show! Funny, moving, challenging, thought-provoking, and musically outstanding! This show combines the best of what church and theater ought to be about. It challenges the notion that the essence of church is captured in the weekly rituals of worship. Yet it holds out the hope that when we combine ritual and symbol with […]

  • Excellent Trouble


    I was so moved by Friday night’s performance of Excellent Trouble and struck by the fact that Ted and Ingrid can/will be/are hitting just as profound a chord as Ted & Lee did. I found myself getting shivers a few times as I told other people about some of the sketches later in the weekend. […]

  • I'd Like to Buy an Enemy


    People will laugh – but as they do, they will learn, and perhaps even gain the courage to confront some truths that most of us manage to avoid. I wish everyone could experience “I’d Like to Buy an Enemy!” – Brian D. McLaren, author/speaker It’s both delightfully funny and deadly serious, packed with content about […]

  • Tattered & Worn


    What I admired most about these two men was the way in which they took humor and theology and the Bible and seamlessly wove it all together to the glory and honor of Christ. They gave our volunteers, and our staff I might add, the gift of humor and inspiration. If you are looking for […]

  • Ted Swartz


    I want to start by thanking you for being a blessing in our youth’s lives by producing Good God Theater! We have worked our way through most of the New Testament DVD and it has been a joy this Easter season to look at the familiar stories in new ways and engage the youth in […]