Excellent Trouble

Excellent Trouble

leah jacobRead through the Bible and you will find countless stories of men and women relating to each other: David and Bathsheba, Zechariah and Elizabeth, Samson and Delilah, and others. What really happened when Jacob awoke the morning after his wedding and found himself married to Leah, instead of Rachel? What did Abraham and Sarah say after being told they’d have a baby late in life?

In Excellent Trouble writers and performers Ted Swartz and Ingrid De Sanctis ask these questions and explore these interactions.

Ted and Ingrid say this about the play: When we engage laughter, we open up the possibility of experiencing God’s grace and accepting the truth with more courage. As theater artists, we invite you to join us on a journey where we laugh heartily and discover God’s lovely sense of humor. We also hope these stories of relationships in the Bible will connect you to a God who longs to be part of your everyday relationships.

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Full show length: 90 minutes