Fish-Eyes Script (book)

Fish-Eyes Script (book)

Perform Fish-Eyes with your drama group! Fourteen scenes of our most popular play; Peter & Andrew’s encounters with Jesus. Peter and Andrew experience everything from anguish to exhilaration as they follow Jesus, with a trademark Ted & Company element of humor often found. 90 minute show written for two actors.

Scenes include: The Call / Dressing / The Receiving Line / The Reception / The Day After the Day on the Mount / The Feeding & The Boat Ride/ Don’t Tell Anyone / The Triumphal Entry / The Last Supper / Footwashing / The Arrest / The Denial / The Upper Room / Breakfast on the Beach

The script is available in three formats: hard-copy book, PDF download of entire script, and PDF downloads of individual scenes. Royalties are required for public performances of the play.

The SCRIPTBOOK is a 42-page spiral bound book which includes production notes, props and costume check lists, and side notes from the original drama team. $20 each (additional costs for royalties) The printed scriptbook is temporarily out of stock.

Click on the sample image below to view a full script preview.

Fish-Eyes Script Preview

*Individual scenes from Fish-Eyes are available for download. Search for the play by name to see all the scripts from this play.

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