Fish-Eyes Script (PDF)

Fish-Eyes Script (PDF)

Perform Fish-Eyes with your drama group! Fourteen scenes of our most popular play; Peter & Andrew’s encounters with Jesus. Peter and Andrew experience everything from anguish to exhilaration as they follow Jesus, with a trademark Ted & Company element of humor often found. 90 min. show written for two actors.

Scenes include: The Call / Dressing / The Receiving Line / The Reception / The Day After the Day on the Mount / The Feeding & The Boat Ride/ Don’t Tell Anyone / The Triumphal Entry / The Last Supper / Footwashing / The Arrest / The Denial / The Upper Room / Breakfast on the Beach

The script is available in three formats: hard-copy book, PDF download of entire script, and PDF downloads of individual scenes. Royalties are required for public performances of the play.

The PDF DOWNLOAD provides flexibility and quick access to the script. The difference between the download script and the book is that the download does not include pictures, side notes and a history of the development of the play. Purchase of the downloadable script ($55) grants permission for purchaser to duplicate copies of the 42 pages as needed.

Click on the sample image below to view a full script preview.

Fish-Eyes Script Sample

*Individual scenes from Fish-Eyes are available for download. Search for the play by name to see all the scripts from this play.