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I’d Like to Buy an Enemy 2.0 – The Fear Version


Ted and Company TheaterWorks presents I’d Like to Buy an Enemy 2.0 – The Fear Version, written by Ted Swartz. With performances by Ted Swartz and Jenny Howard, this play takes a comedic and thought-provoking look at the fears that often guide human behavior and lead to ‘othering’ people who are different from us, often dehumanizing them, ignoring the essential interconnection of all living beings. The performance explores issues of race and religion in this context as they present within the current ethos of the United States.

This new show will be premiered at the Inaugural Champaign-Urbana Campus/Community Interfaith Exploration at the University of Illinois on November 10, 2019.

The original satirical play, I’d Like to Buy an Enemy, premiered in 2009. Written by Ted Swartz and starring Ted Swartz and Tim Ruebke, this thought-provoking show allowed audiences to laugh at themselves, while engaging them to consider the influence of America’s highly militarized presence in the world. It pointed to the fear that drives our culture, and led to consideration of how we could work for peace and justice in the U.S. and globally.

In extensive re-writes by Ted, the new play revisits this theme of a fear-driven culture, but focused on the internal division around religion, race, and gender within the United States itself.

“I feel the play raises into the light ways we all participate in ‘othering’, mostly based on fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of displacement, fear of loss of status. If we hold up our fears and the ways fear is used to control us and laugh at them, we defuse their power, shrink them. Laughter together creates a commonality, letting us feel joy and connection, commonalities in short supply in our culture.” ~ Ted

This show has been developed with support from John and Beulah Hess-Yoder Retirement Security Inc. and the CDC Missional Church Committee.

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