The Portraits Book Tour!

The Portraits Book Tour!

THE BOOK: Portraits from the Human Faces Tour is a new book published by Ted & Company Theaterworks, a visual and heartfelt addition to the important conversation around the mental health crisis in this country that has resulted in an increase of suicides and a deeper loss of connection to the soul. Through this book, and the coming book tour, we hope to shine a light on a subject that continues to be stigmatized and that many of us are afraid to even acknowledge.

Presented here are the faces and real-life stories of people across North America who attended performances of Laughter Is Sacred Space during the Human Faces Tour. Ted wrote the play as part of his artistic journey in search of healing after losing his best friend, and theater partner, to suicide. The cathartic process of watching Ted openly express his grief and joy on stage created a safe space in which audience members began to share their own deeply intimate accounts of mental illness and suicide. The courage of those who chose to participate made this book possible.

Information about how to purchase books coming soon!

THE 2020 BOOK TOUR: Ted will bring books for purchase and signature, along with a multi-media presentation, doing what Ted does best, on the road. With new sketches, video and photos of behind-the-scenes footage from the Human Faces Tour, from his own experiences doing theater with Lee, and walking through Lee’s suicide, and the stories of those who came to be involved with this project.

We hope to include your community as part of this effort to open up hearts and conversation around what it means to be human, and whole, amidst both grief and joy, wounding and wellness.

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