New Testament Videos

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The following is a listing of all the Ted & Company New Testament videos available as downloads:

Matthew 4:1-11   The Temptations of Jesus

Matthew 5-7         The Day after the Day on the Mount (from Fish Eyes)

Matthew 14           Walk on Water/Boatride  (from Fish Eyes)

Matthew 17           Don’t Tell Anyone  (from Fish Eyes)

Matthew 21           Triumphal Entry  (from Fish Eyes)

Mt 26 & Jn 13        Last Supper  (from Fish Eyes)

Luke 1-2 The Christmas Story (from full-length play DoveTale)
The Announcement
At Bartholomew’s
The Phone Call
The Dream
The Reconciliation
No Room at the Inn
Shepherds with Their Flocks
The Barnyard Chorus
Your Eyes?

Luke 2                   Advent


Luke 5                   The Call (from Fish Eyes)

Luke 9:10-17       Feeding of the 5000  (from Fish Eyes)

Luke 24                 Emmaus Road

John 2                   Wedding at Cana (from Fish Eyes)

John 13                 Foot Washing  (from Fish Eyes)

John 18                 Arrest & Denial  (from Fish Eyes)

John 20                 Upper Room  (from Fish Eyes)

John 20                 Breakfast on the Beach  (from Fish Eyes)

Acts 2:37-47         Pentecost

Acts 4:1-12           Peter & John Heal a Lame Man

Acts 8:26-40         Phillip & the Ethiopian

Acts 10:1-23         Peter & the Vision

Acts 15                   Members of the Family: Acts 15

Col 3:1-17             Paul in Prison

Revelation             Don’t Be Afraid: Revelation

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