Old Testament Videos

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The following is a listing of all the Ted & Company Old Testament videos available as downloads:

Genesis 1               The Creation

Genesis 4:1-16     Cain and Abel

Genesis 6-8           The Flood 

Genesis 11             Tower of Babel

Genesis 17-18       Abraham

Genesis 33             Jacob and Esau

Genesis 42-45       Joseph and the Brothers

Exodus 1:15-21    Hebrew Midwives

Exodus 6-12          Desert Song

Exodus 32              Golden Calf

Exodus 16              Manna

Leviticus                 A People Apart: Leviticus

1 Samuel 8             Samuel

2 Samuel 12          David and Bathsheba

2 Kings 22             What’s This?

Song of Solomon

Jeremiah 13           Jeremiah

Hosea 1                  WXPR TV: Hosea Retires

Jonah                      Jonah

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