Boots, Buckets & Barrows – Albany, OR

Event Information

Event Type:
Open to Public

Event Date:
Mar 28, 2020

Event Time:
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Albany Mennonite Church

Event Description

Boots, Buckets & Barrows – Albany, OR

THIS EVENT IS POSTPONED, PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR THE RESCHEDULED DATE. A Boots, Buckets & Barrows event will be coming to Albany, OR at 7:00 pm on Saturday, March 28, 2020 at Albany Mennonite Church, 3405 Kizer Ave NE, Albany, OR. Admission is free! Please come prepared to bid on auction items or make a donation! Sponsored by Albany Mennonite Church, Corvallis Mennonite Fellowship and Lebanon Mennonite Church.

All funds raised will benefit the work of MDS restoring homes and hope for those affected by natural disaster. Play and auction by Ted Swartz and Jeff Raught, full of humor, fun, connection and meaningful reflection.

Featuring the show, "The Jesus Stories: Faith, Forks & Fettuccine," created and performed by Ted and Jeff, with original songs and music by Jeff. There are many Gospel stories of Jesus gathered around tables. There was food to eat and food for thought, exploring who was invited to those tables and who showed up. The miracles of Jesus were sometimes ordinary stories with extraordinary results.


TED SWARTZ is a writer and actor who has been mucking around in the worlds of the sacred and profane for over 20 years. As theologian and thespian, Ted brings a unique perspective to his craft, creating a space where these two worlds can interact. Ted lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Along with writing and acting, his loves include his wife, Sue; three sons, Eliot, Ian and Derek; daughters-in-law, Katrina, Hannah and Chelsea; his grandchildren, Mona Quinn, Hattie Claire, Josie Cole, Ezra Lee, and Ellis Adam... oh, and baseball. 

JEFF RAUGHT is a storyteller at heart. So whether he is seated at the piano as musician, or on stage as an actor, the story and how it’s told does matter. He’s been noodling in and around humor, music, theatre and stories for many years. Listening to nudges of life and finding a way to ignite laughter in our soul, through music, song, and more. Jeff and Cindy call Talmage PA home these days.They have two sons, one daughter-in-law, one grandson and an old Buick. If you want to learn more about Jeff or invite him to your gathering, you can check out or you can walk up to him after the show.