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COVID-19 update

Like so many artists and small business owners, Ted & Co has been impacted by the social-distancing required to ‘flatten the curve.’ We’re doing our part flattening things, flat out cancelled our spring tours. While we are rebooking for summer and fall, the unknowing of when we might be able to get back out on the road is daunting. We’d of course like our flattening things to not squish us.

If you value the work we do, and have the means to do so, we would be so grateful for your financial support. Your donation would be tax deductible through the Center for Art, Humor & Soul. Just follow this link and choose “other” and check “write us a comment” and write in “For Ted & Co.”

With gratitude and prayers for safe-keeping. Stay well friends! May you find opportunity to laugh, and find the light inside the darkness in this life-altering time.

Rabbit Trails: Dispatches From the Shed

  • May 25, 2020

    Boredom, Hell, and Basketball

    Boredom. What does it mean to be bored and can we agree what it means?  Is it okay to be bored? Are we missing something important if we’re bored? Are we missing something important if we’re NOT bored? If we don’t allow ourselves time for boredom, give our brains a rest?  During this pandemic, in the midst of despair, grief, and  touch deprivation, there is also boredom. There are a spate of resources cropping up to address this issue, including this one:   I can’t imagine...

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  • May 8, 2020

    Sports and the Lack Thereof

    So it’s early May. In normal years, we would be 20 plus games into the baseball season. Yes I hear you, ‘Oh no, a sports related blog!’ But fear not friends, I will try not to bore you, however you are welcome to bail out at this point. Hmm, to bail out, a baseball term; The act of  hurling your body backwards to avoid a pitch up and in. A very reptilian brain response to the imminent danger of a fastball thrown with either purpose...

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What are people saying about our shows?

About We Own This Now:

I’m so grateful to have attended last night’s performance in Leola, PA. As you may know, there’s a 42″ high-pressure shale gas pipeline being built across Lancaster County. It meant a lot to me that you spoke of our issues in the play. The teaching you’re doing is incredibly important.

-Don P.

About Listening for Grace:

During the talk back, two men stood: one the father of young gay man, and the other a young gay man himself. Through tears, each shared that Ted & Co had accurately and movingly told their respective stories. The young man went on to share that seeing the show inspired in him more compassion for his own parents and for his home congregation. I can't imagine a better testimony to the power of this production to not only open space for conversation, but also compassion and transformation.

-Megan Ramer


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