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Rabbit Trails: Dispatches From The Shed

The Ellipses

July 28, 2022

The ellipsis… I have been in love with the ellipsis since I started writing. Not everyone shares that love. My indiscriminate love affair with this punctuation annoys and occasionally infuriates editors and administrators alike. Here’s the thing…or a thing. It may not be the thing, but it’s certainly a thing. The thing is… …I don’t…

Anatomy of a Work in Progress Part V: Stealth Genius

January 26, 2021

Steven Stauffer sneaks up on you. It’s not just that he is innately quiet, the third child in a family of 6, and a natural peacemaker. No it’s something else…something else. Hmmm. If you have been following along in this series, Steven has been mentioned many times. AND If you haven’t been following along, why…

Anatomy of a Work of Art in Progress: Shifting Perspectives… A Director’s View

January 21, 2021

Shifting perspectives a bit… Michelle here, Director of the Work of Art in Progress. So, one afternoon last week, I’m watching the first video cut from Steven — and I’m feeling the story, we’re carrying it through. On screen, Ted makes me laugh, brings me to tears, enlarges my heart… he draws me in, it’s…