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What are people saying about our shows?

A fun evening with a quality performance and powerful message! The power was not in the “acting”, this was an integral expression of faithfulness in following Christ’s call to be peacemakers! A month later, people are still commenting on the quality and fun of the performance, and asking whether another one will be coming to their community!

-Esther Kern


We viewed Ted’s message as one of hope, healing and God’s love so we therefore offered [the performance of Laughter is Sacred Space] to our congregation and the community on a donation basis. We think Ted’s message is healthy for any community and the delivery is entertaining and uplifting. This was a positive event for our church family and for those who do not attend our church.

-Robin Long of Blooming Glen, PA


Ted was able to use both humor and irony to communicate deep truths of our human journey with God. His theatrical interpretation of conversations between the disciples provided insight into both the angst and the celebration of walking with Jesus day to day. We saw him “toss the nets into the sea” at Jesus’ instruction and discover the great catch that comes with obedience.

Further, Ted spoke with incredible sensitivity about his friend and partner, Lee, and Lee’s struggle with bi polar disease. Ted was able, with gentle acknowledgement of pain and real expression of growth, to describe his friend’s suicide and his own journey down the path of abandonment and grief. Ted’s presentation took the academic facts and lectures of the semester and gave expression to the human experience that makes them matter. The time together was unforgettable.

-Helen Harris of Waco, TX


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