Jehovah’s Traveling Trunk Show – Durham, NC

Event Information

Event Type:
Private Event

Event Date:
Nov 30, 2012

Event Time:
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

New Hope Church

Event Description

Jehovah’s Traveling Trunk Show – Durham, NC

Jehovah's Traveling Trunk Show weaves monologue, song and sketches into a funny and captivating look at the way God interacts with God’s people, from Genesis to Revelation. Starring Ted Swartz and Jeff Raught, Jehovah's Trunk is coming to New Hope Church in Durham, NC at 6:30pm on November 30.

Finding the humor and humanity in biblical stories has long been a hallmark of Ted & Company.  In Jehovah's Trunk, Ted and Jeff explore what it means to worship a God who searches for connections with us, even sending His Son to live among us. Jehovah's Trunk is a unique experience that explores what it means to lose your faith – and to find it again.

The show opens with a homeless man (Zeus played by Ted) finding a tattered, worn book in the subway and witnessing the death of a jay-walking pigeon.  With the help of a piano-playing angel (Gabriel played by Jeff), Zeus rediscovers the faith he lost years ago as Gabriel encourages him to enact some great Bible stories.  Alternately hysterical and touching, these stories let us see characters such Abraham, Jeremiah, Gabriel, Peter, Samuel and Aaron as real people with doubts, frustrations and yes, a sense of humor.