Laughter is Sacred Space – Quarryville, PA

Event Information

Event Type:
Private Event

Event Date:
Sep 14, 2013

Event Time:
Sept 14 - Sept 15

Black Rock Retreat Center

Event Description

Laughter is Sacred Space – Quarryville, PA

September 14 and 15, Ted Swartz will be sharing Laughter is Sacred Space during Frazer Mennonite Church's weekend retreat. The church retreat will take place at Black Rock Retreat Center and is open to friends and members of Frazer Mennonite Church who have registered for the retreat.

In this gritty and dramatic talk, Ted walks you through his relationship with friend and business partner, Lee Eshleman, who took his own life in 2007. Ted explores the paradox of working with a comedic partner struggling with bipolar disorder, as well as the challenge of writing and performing stories about God while experiencing the absence of God after Lee’s death. Using multi-media and his twenty years of storytelling experience, Laughter is Sacred Space is honest, funny and vulnerable, and reveals the unique journey of working as a comedic actor under the shadow of a mental illness, and offers hope and humor in a way that only Ted could deliver.