Ted @ Mennonite Health Assembly 2020 – Greenville, SC

Event Information

Event Type:
Open to Public

Event Date:
Mar 19, 2020

Event Time:
9:00 am - 5:00 am

Hyatt Regency, Greenville, SC

Event Description

Ted @ Mennonite Health Assembly 2020 – Greenville, SC

Ted Swartz will be giving the keynote address and offering a workshop at the Mennonite Health Assembly 2020 "Live Your Story" conference on Thursday, March 19 in Greenville, SC at the Hyatt Regency. Registration is needed to attend by following this link. Conference dates March 18-21.

Keynote: The Arts, Vulnerability, and Mental Health

Ted Swartz is an actor, playwright, and author who will share the journey of his latest work, the recently published book, Portraits From The Human Faces Tour: Mental Health Struggles and Resilience.

Art and storytelling invite us into spaces of empathy and vulnerability, and this story is particularly unique. During the tour of Ted’s play, Laughter Is Scared Space, people were invited to share their own stories of struggling with mental disorders, suicide survival and stories of resilience and hope. Portraits is the result of collecting photos and stories from pockets across the continent, giving us a powerful and poignant window into the human soul.  These stories intersect with Ted’s experience of how vulnerability pushed, prodded and pulled him on the road to his own healing.

Workshop: How Theater and Improv Can Make Us Better Listeners

Everything I need to know about being real I learned by pretending to be other people. How can improv and theater improve our listening skills and make us better story tellers?

 What makes a good story? What makes a good story great? All of us have a great story within us waiting to be expressed. Join Ted Swartz for an opportunity, through some simple exercises, to sharpen your listening and empathy skills to tell a story better, perhaps your own story.