St. John’s: The Quest for the Nugget of Truth

The church at St. John’s is a loosely structured group, with more emphasis on the “loose” and “group” than on the “structure.” Which is not to say that they are a loose group, or without moral structure. It’s just that the organizational structure is loose in nature – let’s say “relaxed fit.”

In creating the show, Seth, Ted and I had lots of fun imagining what a “relaxed fit” church (with plenty of space and breathing room for all the important things) might allow and encourage, and the results – in my humble estimation – are all kinds of hilarious and holy, sometimes even at the same time. It’s been fun for me to get back into doing some acting, too, as that particular art form is one I haven’t practiced since high school. Much like the pick up line, praise the Lord.

St. John’s Revival is the kind of revival I often need – an evening of laughter and beauty with some incredible nuggets of truth and Good News tucked into the folds of the Scripture readings and the singing. [And now I’m imagining a Monty Python-esque quest for the Nugget of Truth, which – after a search that is long and arduous and includes many valiant young men laying down their lives for the cause (perhaps at the hands of the King of Burgers or the evil Scottish sorcerer, Mac Donald) – is ultimately found at a Wendy’s and promptly dipped in honey mustard and thoroughly masticated. (Chewed). And likely swallowed, although the camera pans up and away and there is a beautiful script that reads Fin and we didn’t actually get to see the swallowing, but it can probably be assumed.]

Soon we’ll head back to Ohio to revisit the folks at St. John’s, and I’m looking forward to worshipping with them again. I especially like old Samuel, who describes himself using a simile – a comparison statement using like or as – as a turtle treading in oatmeal. I sometimes feel that way myself, but then I spend some time with people who make me laugh and remind me of Jesus, and I am revived. May it be so, and may it be so, for all the people who join us at St. John’s and for you at your computer, wherever you may be. Amen.

– Greg Yoder, The Walking Roots Band, cast member of St. John’s Revival

Find out more about the July 16-19 St. John’s Revival shows in Columbiana OH!

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