What Would Lloyd Do?

A powerful show! Funny, moving, challenging, thought-provoking, and musically outstanding! This show combines the best of what church and theater ought to be about. It challenges the notion that the essence of church is captured in the weekly rituals of worship. Yet it holds out the hope that when we combine ritual and symbol with real human compassion and presence, new life is possible, even if all our doubts and questions aren’t easily resolved. ~Phil Kniss, Pastor, Park View Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg, VA

We really appreciated the show that Ingrid, Ted, and Trent created and performed. We got feedback that was entirely positive from the folks who attended the shows. We are so thankful to have been a part of the premier. Someone said “Ted is back.” I heard folks comment about how much they were impressed by the “layers” embedded within the message of the show. Several said that they thought this was Ted’s best yet. Personally, I thought the performance was fabulous. It had the right amount of humor balanced with a challenging and thought-provoking message. Ted and Trent, along with the singers, all performed superbly. And the “extra surprise” was the character portrayed by Jay Lapp–very funny and added flavor. ~Douglas J. Nyce ’85, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, Eastern Mennonite University

This show moved me more than anything I have seen in a long while. What Would Lloyd Do? captured the angst of a middle-aged faith where some days the questions out number the pre-boxed answers. This experience collides with a younger post-modern singer sparking a whole series of metaphors of life and faith. Thanks Ted for getting inside my life and wreaking havoc with both laughter and tears.  ~Jerry Holsopple, PhD, Professor of Visual and Communication Arts, Eastern Mennonite University

We were thoroughly entertained and pleased. This [show] is really superb, and it has a blend of music, comedy, serious insights and wisdom. I could hardly cope with the laughter at the TV preacher’s attempt at exegeting the Bashan cows. Marvelous. Trent is a natural and great colleague for this new genre. ~Cal Redekop

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