Ingrid De Sanctis

Ingrid De Sanctis currently teaches playwriting and acting at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA where her newest play, Stained Glass, was most recently produced.  Ingrid studied social work as an undergraduate and her background in social work has shaped her vision of theatre. She has received writing grants, allowing her to create edgy, challenging plays on such topics as refugees in the Balkans (Torba), survivors of violent crime (A Body in Motion), stories on life after 9/11 created with inner city youth (WhaChaGonnaDu?) and a young woman living—not dying– with cancer (Sarah and the Dinosaur).  The play, A Body in Motion, based on interviews of victims of crimes from Transcending, by practitioner Howard Zehr completed a tour throughout communities and prisons in Pennsylvania.

She is the co-coordinator of the New Play Development Workshop and producer of ten-minute play readings at the annual ATHE conference.  In the summer of 2016 she collaborated with composer Andrew Morrissey on the musical Lost in Wonderland developed by Pallas Theatre and this past year completed two new full length plays Stained Glass and Hands of Clay.  Stained Glass was produced at James Madison University in April 2018.  She continues to work as an actor, director and playwright pursuing projects that reflect real and messy stories of transformation and grace and will perform in basements, churches, theatres–anywhere a good play will make a big difference.