Michelle Milne


Michelle Milne has worked as a performer, director, writer, and educator across the US — including both coasts and regions in between. She has been performing with Ted & Co since 2017 in Discovery: A Comic Lament, for which she also served as movement director.

She has recently directed highly physical and immersive productions of Brontë (which won the 2017 Drammy Award for Best Production in Portland, Ore.), Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet, Eurydice, The Best of Everything, several ensemble-devised productions, and a collaboratively directed production of Macbethat a prison in eastern Oregon.

She has created multiple original shows, including Looking for Lulu (about a young woman investigating her Mennonite upbringing), The Telling of the Bees (mixing science, technology, mythology, and honeybees), and For Those Who Cannot Fly (about our relationship to borders and walls). Currently, she is expanding the latter piece for touring as a new solo production titled Boundary Conditions. She also performs her original writing with musicians; has performed her poetry as the character “Carmelina du Jour” in Chicago’s Poetry Bordello; appeared as Supervisor McCrae in the sci-fi TV show pilot Decktechs; and was a part of the ensemble for Palissimo’s The Painted Bird at La Mama in NYC.

Michelle is a Feldenkrais Method practitioner, has taught theatre and movement classes at Columbia College Chicago and Goshen College, and teaches creative/performing arts classes in prisons and jails. For the past five years she has been traveling around the US as part of her ongoing writing project, Traveling Home.