Greetings for the Christmas/Holiday Season

War on ChristamsChristmas…I love the idea of God entering humbly into our lives…I detest the whole Santa Claus BS…as well as the manufactured War on Christmas: It’s about time we should declare war, or at the very least a “police action,” on civil religion masquerading as faith, and take your inflatable Santas and once a year indignation that God actually can be removed from any sphere and place them, along with the Easter bunny, in a compost pile behind the barn and embrace the difficult world of actually living as Jesus gave us example.

Thoughts that run across my mind:

Life should imitate art

I’ve reached 56 years old, and am trying to be more mindful and reflective of moments while they are happening.

In a radio interview recently I was lauded for my ability to be fully present on stage, which is one the building blocks of good acting. It was nice to hear, and I wasn’t unhappy the interview was widely dispersed.

Soon after I was in conversation with someone who heard the interview and the issue of being fully present came up.…I realized I am perhaps very good onstage, in regard to presence—it’s the rest of life that’s problematic.

I’m lousy at celebrations, rituals and stopping to enjoy and appreciate those around me.  It’s too tempting to see each moment as simply the next step to….

…what exactly?

Another step in the career? Another product to market?  I have spoken around the theme of theater being the perfect metaphor for faith and a life lived fully.  Maybe I need to listen to this actor guy I resemble.

Birth and death

There have been thousands of published responses to Sandy Hook this weekend and week. I’m not sure any more are necessary from me; several responses I have appreciated:

Huffington Post: On Massacres, Masculinity, Human Rights and Gun Rights

The Gimp Goes Shopping: Evil next door

Rachel Held Evans: God can’t be kept out


On this week  before Christmas, celebrating birth,  I would like to celebrate mothers, mine—Ruth Swartz, mother-in-law—Blanch Althouse, my wife Susan, daughter in-law Katrina: and Megan Rosenwink, my Administrative Organizer, who delivered on Sunday morning at 12:30, Francine Grace. Megan suspected she was coming early, and by God she did.

Somehow we will carry on until your return, Megan. Blessings!

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  1. Stephanie on December 20, 2012 at 10:49 am

    “I’m lousy at celebrations, rituals and stopping to enjoy and appreciate those around me. It’s too tempting to see each moment as simply the next step to….

    …what exactly?”

    Wow! I don’t think I’ve met anyone else who also struggles with this, so it’s a comfort to know I’m not the only one. And you’ve put it so well; I’ve had a hard time putting my finger on exactly what has been challenging me for awhile now, but I think this is it. Thank you for that insight, Ted. Here’s praying that we both will be able to savor the immediacy of being where we are and when we are each day of this Advent and Christmas season.