Good News!

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of the DoveTale Scriptbook! Consider the following options to use this Christmas play during this Advent season:

The long-awaited DoveTale script is back from the printer and also online as a download. Interesting that the project took 9 months – and sometimes even felt like birthing a baby! But we’re excited about the book – which includes pictures, side notes of helpful hints or fun vignettes about writing or performing the play. Also included is a history of the development of the play. Although written and performed originally with three people, this can be easily adapted for up to 10 characters.

Two script options:
1. DoveTale Scriptbook (four is the minimum required for performances) Details / Buy If you want to purchase additional books, call 540-560-3973 for a special discount not available on the store. Note the special Performance Pack which includes four books PLUS the DoveTale DVD.

2. DoveTale Script download (same as book minus photos, history, side notes) Details / Buy

Don’t have a drama team at your church? Or would you like to give them a break this Advent season? Invite Ted, Ingrid and Trent to present this timeless Christmas drama in your community. Call 540-560-3973 or email

Good God Theater is a curriculum published by Abingdon Press based on the original material from Ted & Lee’s Fish-Eyes and Creation Chronicles. After Lee’s death, Ted worked with 8 actors to tape these two plays PLUS 14 more stories. The curriculum is divided into New Testament and Old Testament segments. Good God Theater Act 1: Old Testament is now available. A comprehensive study guide makes this an excellent S.S. or youth group curriculum.

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There’s lots going on, all of it exciting, most of it funny and all of it more fun than adults are usually allowed to have! Thanks for sharing the journey with us.

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