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Our accountant told us that it takes a company two years to recover from a catastrophic event, in our case, the death of Lee. It’s been a little over a year and the changes have been significant, and yet some things remain the same. We’ll try to catch you up.

First, we’ve decided to stay with the name Ted & Company TheaterWorks – at least for now – because it so aptly describes what we’re about: Ted Swartz writing and acting, along with a variety of other actors – & Company. For now this feels good – and allows us to spend our energies on creating new shows and figuring out direction, rather than coming up with a new name and all the related new materials that would need to be created as a result.

Sheri Hartzler continues to work as Ted’s agent, although her work has expanded to include some of the things Lee did – like handling product sales and inventory. You now get Sheri’s voice if you call our toll free number to order a video or script – 866-276-2345. You can always order online but if you have questions or want a “real’ person, call Sheri. And if you live in Harrisonburg, Va. and call in your order, you can pick it up at 1251 Virginia Avenue and save shipping charges!

TWO NEW SHOWS have been written and are available for booking – just call Sheri at the number above. Excellent Trouble was written and is being performed with Ingrid DeSanctis and focuses on relationships between a myriad of biblical characters: Abraham and Sarah, Adam and Eve, Jacob and Leah, Samson and Delilah, Boaz and Ruth, and more.

Tattered and Worn premiers August 10 in Nebraska and is performed with Jeff Raught. With the help of a piano-playing angel (Gabriel played by Jeff), a homeless man (Zeus played by Ted) rediscovers the faith he lost years ago. The show incorporates characters developed in Ted & Lee’s Fish-Eyes and Creation Chronicles shows.

SCRIPTBOOK IN PROGRESS. We’ve had so many requests for the DoveTale script that we are excited it’s just about done and will also be available as a PDF download on our store. Of course, we’d still love to come and perform this Christmas story for you in person (Ted, Ingrid De Sanctis and Trent Wagler) but we’ll be happy to send you scripts so you can perform it yourselves. We’ll post info here as soon as it’s available – hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

And last: a new subscription service is now in effect. Be sure to go to the Subscription icon on this page and sign up. You’ll automatically receive an email with the news, any time we have a new product, a new show, or just want to let you know what’s happening.

For now, Ted & Company signing off. Laugh often!

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