I'd Like to Buy an Enemy

People will laugh – but as they do, they will learn, and perhaps even gain the courage to confront some truths that most of us manage to avoid. I wish everyone could experience “I’d Like to Buy an Enemy!”Brian D. McLaren, author/speaker

It’s both delightfully funny and deadly serious, packed with content about trauma awareness and breaking cycles of violence, manipulation of the public mind in preparation for war, fair trade, etc. Makes everyone laugh and then think for months. ~Sue Klassen, President, Partners in Restorative Initiative

Ted & Company remind us [that] laughter is a prophetic art, ‘loving our enemy’ is [too often] a lost art. I’d Like to Buy an Enemy is not simply a lament of how much fea has yet to be cast out of our cultures…it is a call to lovingly exorcise this fear from ourselves and the world, by laughing at it! ~ Jarrod McKenna, Australian Peace Award Recipient

[This show] is insightful, courageous and provocative. ~Terry Zehr, Moderator, NY Mennonite Conference

I’d Like to Buy an Enemy…gave insight to heavy issues in hilarious style. ~Samantha Cole, The WeatherVane Online [see full review of the show here]

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