Tattered & Worn

What I admired most about these two men was the way in which they took humor and theology and the Bible and seamlessly wove it all together to the glory and honor of Christ. They gave our volunteers, and our staff I might add, the gift of humor and inspiration. If you are looking for good hearted, meaningful and wholesome Christian entertainment, without all the cheesiness that often accompanies such an endeavor, then I highly recommend Ted & Company. ~ Pastor Benji Kelley

When we booked Tattered & Worn at our church, Ridgeview Mennonite, I advertised it saying that in the midst of all the [financial] troubles, it is good to laugh and to refocus on what is really important.  We had many, many wonderful comments on the show [with Ted and Jeff Raught] and everyone wanted to be informed when they were going to come back. I was really blessed by Tattered & Worn. ~Kathy Martin

I just wanted to say that you (Jeff) and Ted have a remarkable ability that crosses all age groups. The two of you not only made a huge impact on the teenagers that were with me, but you also made a tremendous impact on me and the other adults that were with me. God has been working in me and through me for quite some time, but the changes that he made in me that weekend are lifelong. I owe part of that to your ministry. ~Teresa Fisher

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