Ted Swartz

I want to start by thanking you for being a blessing in our youth’s lives by producing Good God Theater! We have worked our way through most of the New Testament DVD and it has been a joy this Easter season to look at the familiar stories in new ways and engage the youth in discussion. Thank you! It is truly hard finding good material out there for youth groups, and this has made my life as a youth leader easier and has engaged my brain as well! You have quite a gift in bridging the generations and that speaks volumes. ~ Mitch Racine, Youth Leader, Trinity UCC

Immense grief has weathered Ted Swartz, carving out new depths and tempering his craft with a wisdom that is only born out of suffering. What he brings to the stage comes from a deep, grounded place, and is presented honestly and humbly. I don’t know anyone who holds together so well the beauty and excellence of their craft with the ability to be theologically agile and articulate (as Ted does). ~Sara Wenger Shenk, Associate Dean, Eastern Mennonite Seminary

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