Kickstarter – closing in

I write this from a theater in my home town—a truly sacred space where humor, story and art come together. Sometimes in the midst of the hard work of creating the best theater possible it is possible to lose sight of the final impact this ancient and eternally relevant art-form can have.

And then… in laughter, tears and excruciatingly beautiful silences it all comes rushing back to me, and I am moved and changed as a performer and as a person.

Justin, Patrick and I are grateful for the 6 opportunities we’ve had to perform “Learning to Play” this spring and looking to do many more.

We are close! I am humbled and amazed at the response to the Kickstarter project. Many have responded…folks who realize the power of theater to effect lives, folks who are moved by the eternal and moving story of fathers and sons, and folks who believe hearing each other’s stories opens our hearts and minds.

We have 9 days to go and it looks good—a huge thank you and reminder to share the link.

Also, a reminder that the $5000 option includes a full performance—including travel wherever you are in the US or Canada.


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