The one with the rubber chicken

There was excitement this week at Ted & Company – the long-awaited re-release of Ted’s book. Re-release, you ask? Well it’s a longer story, one you may enjoy reading sometime. The decision-process for choosing the final cut for the new cover was a long and arduous one, fraught with great questions like: Should the rubber chicken be in the tool belt or on the Bible? Should Ted be wearing the tool belt or not – do we all really need a book with Ted’s backside on it? And what really is the relationship between the chicken and the Bible? Big questions. Ultimately we’re pretty pleased with the end result. We think our readers will be too.


Wednesday evening Ted planned a re-release of Laughter is Sacred Space along with fellow local Mennonite author Shirley Showalter who just released her own memoir Blush. “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Our Memoirs – and a few not-so-funny ones too”. This is the title they gave to the evening. Here are a few impressions. We thought Ted did a pretty good job pulling off both the knit cap and the plain suit.

Ted & Shirley2 Ted & Shirley3