Peace Pies and Prophets tour recap

Friends- last weekend March 9-11 Ted and Co. had an experience like no other. It was the kickoff for Peace Pies and Prophets tour. Instead of 1 or 2 actors showing up to perform a show—which is still pretty cool—actor Tim Reubke and I were joined by a film documenter Steven Stauffer, a musician, Nathan Allebach, son Derek who ran sound and video projector as well lending his strong back to “roadie” and trouble shooting jobs, a team of 8-10 volunteers, Movement Architect Scott Hackman, Christian Peacemaker Teams Outreach Coordinator Tim Nafziger —and 140 handmade pies.

The event was a participatory wonder.  Our show, I’d Like to Buy an Enemy was interspersed with a “stealth auction”, where an airhorn would go off and Tim R and I would don our special hats and auction off handcrafted pies, including three made by the winner of the Pa state pie competition in Akron Penna.

The tour was a fundraiser for Christian Peacemaker Teams and raised over $15,000 in offerings and pie auctions. Perhaps more importantly it got people talking not just about the show, but how we might effect change in our world—to “export” peacemaking to a thirsty world.

It felt like a seachange for the concept of touring, around a concept, a movement—a way to connect to something larger ourselves—which art does exceptionally well. It truly felt to us like the beginning of a movement.  A movement around peace making, subversive theater and pies—pie in some cases with great peace making stories.

We are committed to Peace Pies and Prophets Tours through 2013, if you want to join, let us know!


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