The one where we’re put in our place by a 4 year old!

If you have seen a recent “I’d Like to Buy an Enemy” show with myself and Tim Reubke, you know the sketch “Cut-Outs.” Originally done by Ted & Lee, we hold briefcases in our laps, wearing bowler hats, cutting out increasingly larger and more ominous weapons out of poster board and threatening the other until it escalates into a rock/paper/scissor game where no one wins

One of the weapons I cut out and drop into Tim’s briefcase is a round bomb with a fuse on top. Tim desperately tries to de-fuse the bomb, but then throws it into the audience. In Madison Wisconsin, 2 weeks ago, Tim tossed it out as usual to great laughter, and we moved on. Kalea, age four, who was sitting in the front row in a red party dress and sun bonnet must have been disturbed by the “littering” or casual disperments of weapons into an innocent public, because she got up out of her seat, went down the middle isle, retrieved the bomb, walked back up to the edge of the stage and tossed it back at us, with an almost casual, backhanded flip of her hand. We of course ducked in horror as our violent comedic past was returned to us. I think there was something profound about her voiceless statement, “Hey, you clowns lost this, you should be more careful about where you toss your weapons.”

At intermission I took a pictures with the offending bomb:

Have you been to one of our “I’d like to Buy an Enemy” performances? What did you think?