Officially "Launched"

Ted & Company TheaterWorks has been launched! The new logo has been designed and the first shows under the “new” company have been given.

The official “launch weekend” took place March 27-28 in Harrisonburg, where audiences of 550 over the two nights laughed and cried together as they watched Ted and some of the Company perform What Would Lloyd Do? and Tattered & Worn.

The next two months are primarily designated as writing months, with Ted and his wife Sue, spending 6 weeks of this time in Chicago. Ted & Jeff Raught are performing Tattered & Worn at St. John Neumann’s in Canton, Michigan from May 8-13.

Ted has been commissioned to write a play about missions for the Mennonite Church Convention in Columbus June 30-July 5. Titled “Speak Up: I Can’t Hear Your Life”, Ted is asking questions such as: “Why service? Why church? Should you consider a term in service? A life in service?” Ted is joined by Trent Wagler and Pete Nelson in this fast and funny look at what we believe, why we believe what we believe and how the way you answer those questions could make a difference. All tied together with a Chinese gong.

Also scheduled for a premier in Columbus is a new show on peace. I’d Like to Buy an Enemy allows us to laugh at ourselves, while raising important questions about the place of the U.S. in the world, why fear is such a large part of our culture and how we can honestly work for peace and justice in this country and just maybe in the world. Starring Ted and Trent Wagler.

And last – also for the Columbus Convention, Ted is writing scripture-based drama for the adult and youth worship services, all of which will add to the wealth of dramatic possibilities for Ted to present in your congregation. One of the newer aspects of this company is the availability of Ted to present solo performances, workshops, sermons, or spiritual life weeks.

Call Sheri to find out more about Ted’s availability alone or in any of the shows described above and be the first to book them in your area! Or schedule one of the other “new” shows: Excellent Trouble, What Would Lloyd Do? or Tattered & Worn.

We’re off to a good start in this new company – thanks to all those who helped get us “launched”! We’re still working on a new website but we’ll keep you informed.

Ted & Company TheaterWorks

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