DoveTale Script (book)

DoveTale Script (book)

For a fresh and funny, yet touching 80-minute Christmas play, consider performing DoveTale this Christmas season. Written by Ted Swartz, Lee Eshleman, and Ingrid De Sanctis, the play highlights the characters in this familiar Bible story as they walk through the months, weeks, and days leading up to the birth of Jesus. DoveTale finds gentle humor and moments of epiphany as Mary, Joseph, and Gabriel stumble through the gritty realities of God becoming human. Other minor characters include: a couple of earthy shepherds, a verbose innkeeper, chatty Elizabeth and her mute husband Zechariah, and a wedding photographer. May be played by 3 -10 actors.

SCENES: The Announcement / At Bartholomew’s / The Phone Call / Joseph’s State / The Dream / The Reconciliation / No Room at the Inn / Shepherds with their Flocks / The Barnyard Chorus / Your Eyes?

The script is available in three formats: hard-copy book, PDF download of entire script, and PDF downloads of individual scenes. Royalties are required for public performances of the play.

The SCRIPTBOOK is a 50-page spiral bound book which includes production notes, props and costume check lists, and side notes from the original drama team. Music scores also included. $20 each (additional costs for royalties)

ORIGINAL MUSIC: DoveTale includes original music by Jeff Raught: Extraordinary Love, Extraordinary Love Waltz and Bullfrog.

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DoveTale Script Preview

*Individual scenes from DoveTale are available for download. Search for the play by name to see all the scripts from this play.