One more reason I love my job…

One of the great things about my job, other than experiencing the thrills of an insecure career, is the great places I see, and the great people I meet. If that’s the tradeoff, I’ll take it.

Indy (hiding behind the wine glass) in WA

Over the last number of months I experienced the beauty of both coasts of the US. In the first photo Indy is sitting on the deck of a cabin overlooking the Puget Sound—North of Seattle, Washington. I spent a day and night there with Weldon Nicely, a great friend—wine, fruit, cheese, and stimulating conversation.

Indy in Key Largo

In the second photo, Indy is watching the sun go down in Key Largo, Florida. A great friend, Kerry Foote, had Jeff and me down for a Tattered & Worn show. We stayed in a lovely home on the bay—amazing view, swimming in the bay—great food and a friendly audience!

Thanks for giving me (and Indy) the chance to see beautiful sunsets and hang out with wonderful people!

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  1. Denny Nice on April 18, 2011 at 1:57 pm

    Hey Ted -Denny here from the old past (cd74)
    This is my first time looking at your info – my Mom gave me an old copy of “The Mennonite”(April 2010). Great article! I notice your new partner is from Talmage, Pa. that’s a stones throw from where I live. I will talk to our youth director and see about getting some scripts, or if we can book you sometime.

    • TedCo on April 26, 2011 at 8:09 pm

      Hey Denny, thanks for checking in–would love to do a show there…we are often in Pa, can hook on some time.
      thanks, Ted