Thanksgiving and Peace Pies

ppp-2As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s time to start thinking about pies. Of course, in addition to the usual kinds of pie, we’ve been thinking a lot about peace pies.

As many of you know, in 2012 Ted & Company partnered together with Christian Peacemaker Teams to produce the Peace, Pies & Prophets (PPP) tour in the US and Canada. This new way of collaborating combines peace work, thought-provoking theater, fundraising and the talent of local pie bakers.

What is Peace Pies & Prophets? This interactive event aims to raise both funds and awareness for peace, presenting Ted & Co’s “I’d Like to Buy an Enemy” starring Ted Swartz and Tim Ruebke. During the show Ted and Tim intermittently don cowboy hats, blow an air horn and begin the bidding of homemade pies, the proceeds of which benefit CPT or other peace work.

Bringing in over $40,000, the enthusiasm and funds raised through the 10 shows in 2012 blew organizers away! And 2013 has been no different. To date $74,000 has been raised in 2013 and two more shows are planned before the end of the year.

As a participatory theater event, the PPP events help to bring out the best in individuals and communities, inviting us all to laugh, contemplate, and donate our way towards a better world for all.

We are looking ahead to 2014. One show in Sarasota, FL is already planned for January 18 and we are in conversation with several other communities. Interested in bringing a Peace Pies and Prophets to your area? As we prepare for 2014, let us know!