• Incarnation we can ALL participate in


    I’ve been thinking about Christmas recently… haven’t we all? No? There’s something slower-paced and more reflective about considering this significant event apart from the holiday season itself, don’t you think? Christmas. It’s a bit odd at times to consider the kind of event Christmas has become…ostensibly it is an event to celebrate the birth of […]

  • Where theater is alive and well

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    Do you know where Gretna, Manitoba is — without checking an atlas? You remember atlases right? Those wonderful maps travelers used before mapquest and GPS’s? The woman in the post office didn’t know and before I visited, I wasn’t exactly sure. It is literally a few hundred yards from the North Dakota border, a small […]

  • A Cover


    A cover. So the cliché is not true. You can, in fact, judge a book by its cover. Or that’s what I’m being told. I’ve had some say they couldn’t buy the book, or a distributor wouldn’t carry it, because of the cover. I wrote a book which was published last year. This is the cover:  […]

  • Laughing in Church


    Recently I was guest at the congregation my sister Tina and her family are members, Germantown Mennonite. I wrote a reading Doug Brunk, Tina and I performed. The text was The Prodigal Son parable. We, of course, were mining the text for humor and perhaps another angle to an excruciatingly familiar text. Here is an […]

  • Greetings for the Christmas/Holiday Season

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    War on Christams

    Christmas…I love the idea of God entering humbly into our lives…I detest the whole Santa Claus BS…as well as the manufactured War on Christmas: It’s about time we should declare war, or at the very least a “police action,” on civil religion masquerading as faith, and take your inflatable Santas and once a year indignation […]

  • The Story of the Hat


    This hat…it’s called a toboggan in certain parts of North America…a woolen hat with ear flaps. We bought them in Ontario for the show DoveTale, written with Ingrid De Sanctis in 1997. They are more common now across the US, but in 97, especially in the lower states, not so much. Something happens to me […]

  • Why I go to church


    Someone asked me recently why I still go to church. The question came out of a conversation where the asker had stopped going, a result of several factors – rejection of fundamentalism, hypocrisy of attendees, a middle aged opening of the mind to the possibility of doubt. My answer was in part: “ You never […]

  • When Actor and Audience Find Themselves in a Show


    Our newest show, Laughter Is Sacred Space, sold out its premier shows in Harrisonburg on Sept 14 and 15.  Of course, like most premiers, there was anxiety. But when it’s an original work there are questions you don’t find with other shows, mostly around the script—is it sharp enough? Is it too long? Does it tell […]

  • Discovering and Re-discovering Laughter IS Sacred Space


    Laughter has always been a huge part of my working career, working as a writer and actor in comedic theater. Most etymologists, those who study where words come from, believe that the word humor is derived from the same root as in the word human, humility and — my favorite — humus, meaning “of the […]

  • Laughter is Sacred Space: A Tour and a Gift


    In the fall of 2012 I am kicking off a tour of Laughter is Sacred Space, a multi media show based on my relationship with Lee Eshleman, my creative partner of 20 years.  It reflects the joy of discovering comedic soul mates, illustrates the struggles and euphoria of creating a career together, and explores the […]